Coming Up: Dana Diehl Reads Joseph Scapellato’s Big Lonesome

Joseph Scapellato, Big Lonesome

Joseph Scapellato, Big Lonesome.
Mariner Books. $13.95.

This week on Splice, we featured a two-part interview with Dana Diehl, author of Our Dreams Might Align: part one on Monday, part two on Wednesday. When we release Our Dreams Might Align on April 16, we’ll also feature a new story by Dana, and then, a few weeks later, we’ll spend a whole week here on Splice spotlighting a book of Dana’s choice. Not reviewing it, exactly, but taking a tour through it, step by step, with Dana leading the way, pointing out the features that speak to her.

We’re announcing it now because perhaps you’d like to read along with us, day by day, beginning on May 7, and you’ll need a little time to pick up your own copy.

Dana’s book of choice is Big Lonesome by Joseph Scapellato, published by Mariner Books this time last year. The publisher’s blurb describes Big Lonesome as an absurdist reinvention of the myth of the American West, likening Scapellato to George Saunders and Patrick deWitt. The book is one of those rare beasts, a small press publication given coverage in the New York Times Book Review, where the reviewer Marc Bojanowski praised its “inventive, hallucinatory prose” and its transformation of routine events into epic tales.

You can order Big Lonesome through all the usual channels (including, no doubt, your local independent bookstore, which you should support at every opportunity!) and you can pre-order Our Dreams Might Align directly from Splice. Read along with Dana Diehl’s take on Big Lonesome after reading her collection of stories, and we bet that Our Dreams Might Align will take on some new qualities it didn’t have the first time you read it.